Adeptia's Artificial Intelligence-based Data Mapping AIMap works on the principle of Machine Learning (ML) and leverages a repository of customer data maps that they have already created. AIMap reduces the effort required to configure data mapping rules and increases the accuracy by inferring mapping suggestions from the existing library of tested and validated data maps. It learns mapping patterns between existing data fields and trains a neural network to suggest future data mappings. It classifies predictions into High, Medium, and Low confidence mapping suggestions.

By default, AIMap is enabled. Also, If you want to update the properties of AIMap, refer to the section Configuring AIMap.

This section of AIMap contains following topics:
Configuring AIMapThis section gives step wise instructions on how to enable or disable AIMap or configure various properties in AIMap.
AIMap LibraryThis section gives step wise instruction on how to add mappings to AIMap Library so that you can get better suggestions for further mappings.
Running AIMapThis section suggests how to run AIMap and what are various type of suggestions.
Reviewing AIMap SuggestionsThis section guides on how to work (accept/reject) on revising the suggestions AIMap has given.
Limitations This section gives information about the limitations of AIMap.