Adeptia Connect is a business application for data integration and inter-enterprise data exchange. It is a web-browser based, enterprise-class product that is designed for use by both Developer and Business users. It addresses multiple types of integration use-cases ranging from B2B integration, ETL, data aggregation, synchronization, application integration, ESB, and API enablement. 

Business data is lifeblood of any company. Ability to efficiently receive, process, validate, send and utilize data is critical for any organization’s success especially as it relates to data exchanges with its ecosystem of customers and partners. Most companies have a spaghetti code of file exports, uploads, email attachments, FTP transfers, EDI, APIs, error reports etc. which is all difficult to manage. Adeptia solves this problem by providing a central place to configure, manage, monitor and track all your business data integrations and data flows from one place.

Adeptia modernizes the onboarding of business data with customers and partners using a self-service approach for business people. With Adeptia Connect, you can access and exchange data with your partners (customers, vendors, or external organizations), as well as internal systems and other cloud-based applications used within the company. It is designed to assist developers and IT staff of your company to enable business users to self-manage their data connectivity allowing data exchange in the simplest possible way.

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