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Any business application requires proper administration for it to function effectively. The scope of administering a software application may involve a broad perspective, including application configuration, roles setup, access control, application maintenance, and troubleshooting. Adeptia Connect also lets you address these areas from basic to advance levels to ensure the seamless functioning of the product and to achieve your business needs.

Just after the installation or deployment, you need to set up the basic features to start using Adeptia Connect in your production environment. These features include Company, Users, Granular Access Control, and few steps to maintain the application.

This section guides you to seamlessly manage the functioning, design, and integration of business processes using these administrative features. The administration of Adeptia Connect involves the creation and management of users, groups, and business roles. The Administrator's role also involves the configuration of system properties, creating database connectors, ensuring system security, and monitoring system status.

The Administrative features are used primarily by the Administrator, Sys Admin, and Group Admin of organizations. You must have administrative rights to perform administrative tasks. These rights vary based upon the user type.

This section contains the following subsections: