A Company in Adeptia Connect is an entity that lets you exchange data with your Partners. Setting up a Company is the first step towards facilitating the exchange of data between the Company and the Partner

You need to set up a Company first to invite Users, create NetworksPartners, and Templates, and work with Transactions

This page contains the following information:

Setting up a Company

Follow the steps below to set up a Company:

  1. Visit the URL to access Adeptia Connect.
  2. Login with the following credentials:
    Username: admin
    Password: indigo1
  3. On the Set up Company window, provide the Company name and email id.
  4. Click Let's dive in to set up the Company and continue to Adeptia Connect home page.

Viewing and editing Company details

You can view or edit the company information and update the Logo/Icon any time after you set up the company. 

Updating Company information

  1. Click Account > My Company.
  2. On the My Company screen, view the existing details of the Company. 
  3. Click Edit to edit the existing information of the Company. 
  4. Edit the information you want to add or update.

  5. To configure EDI settings for a Partner, click in the EDI Configuration and provide the Host ID of your Company for EDI Transactions. An alphanumeric field, with a minimum of one character and a maximum of 15 characters. Only spaces and underscore are allowed.

Updating Company logo/icon

Follow the steps below to update or change the Logo/Icon of your company. 

  1. Click Update Picture.

  2. Select the logo to upload and click Open

    It is recommended to use image of size 237 x 64 pixels.

  3. The Adjust Image window appears. Adjust the logo by dragging the handles of a square box and click Save.

  4. Click Save to save the information.
    You can select the Use default logo in the application header check box to use the default Logo of Adeptia Connect.

Editing profile information

You can update your profile information provided at the time of installing Adeptia Connect. To update profile information:

  1. Click Account > My Profile.
  2. In the left panel, select My Profile.
  3. On the My Profile screen, click Edit.
  4. Edit the details, and click Save

    You cannot change Company name and Role assigned.