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You can use Event Registry to bind an Event with a Process Flow.

Follow the steps below to create event registry:

  1. Click Configure > EVENTS > Event Registry.
  2. Click CREATE Event Registry.
  3. On Create Event Registry window, type the name and description of Event Registry in the Name and Description fields respectively.

  4. To define the Event, select one of the following radio button of Select Event Info field: 
    • Use Existing
    • Create New
  5. To select an existing event activity, select the Use Existing radio button and then select the event activity from the drop-down list of Existing field.
  6. To create a new event activity,
    1. Select the Create New radio button.
    2. Select the event type from the drop-down list of Event Type field.
    3. Click Create Event button to display the Create Event screen of selected Event.
    4. On Create Event screen, enter the required parameters and click Save to save the event activity and return to Create Event Registry screen.
    5. The name of the created event will display in the below field.
  7. Select the required process flow from the drop-down list of Process Flow Name field.

  8. Expand Advanced Properties to view the advanced properties of an Event Registry.

  9. Click Save.