Installation of Adeptia Connect is followed by the implementation of various features which can serve your business needs, precisely when it comes to exchanging data between your company and your partners. Implementation of Adeptia Connect starts with setting up a Company first to invite Users, create NetworksPartners, and Templates, and work with Transactions.

This section covers a detailed description of all the features of Adeptia Connect that are available to a user. You can follow the guidelines given for each component and service to create, execute, and manage them. The conceptual and practical aspects of all the features that Adeptia Connect offers help you use the product to be a maximum of your advantage. All the approaches for using these features include methodical and sequential steps to guide you to the result you want to achieve out of them.

It covers all the aspects including creation, execution, viewing, editing, and deleting for features as and where required.

Some of the Adeptia Connect features and services that you frequently use for your business process are the following:

  • Template
  • Transaction
  • Process Flow
  • Web Mapper
  • Layout Builder
  • Web Services 
  • Projects