This is the default and most commonly used method for mapping source and destination elements. 

Steps to map elements using Drag and Drop approach

  1. Ensure that the source and destination layout are loaded and all their elements are listed under their respective nodes.
  2. Click a source element and drag it to the desired destination element. A line is displayed, indicating the mapping between the selected source and destination element.
  3. The graphical representation of the above mapping is displayed in the Mapping Expression Area.

    Once a source and destination element is mapped, the letter (M) is displayed next to each mapped source and destination element. This signifies that the destination element has been mapped to a source element. 

  4. Similarly, drag and drop each source and destination element that you want to map. The mapping between all source and destination elements will be displayed.


  5. If you have loaded multiple source and destination layouts, then drag and drop the source and destination elements you want to map. The mapping between these elements will be displayed.

  6. Save the mapping activity and exit the Web Mapper.

    If you are mapping multiple source and destination layout elements, then you need to assign data streams, before saving the mapping activity.