Adeptia Connect allows you to seamlessly migrate activities from an AC v3.5 and above to AC v4.0 (microservice version). 

This page contains the following sections that guide you through the upgrade process.


  • Before you begin to migrate the objects, make sure you have already set up the AC v4.0 (GA) environment.
  • If you're on a lower version of the application, you first need to upgrade to AC v3.5 and thereafter apply its latest patch (AC v3.5.11 and above) to come to its most recent version.

Steps to migrate

Once you've met the pre-requisite, take the following actions to migrate the objects.

  1. Run the migration utility to create an file containing the AC v3.5 objects.

    Migration utility is supported on both Windows-based and Linux-based operating systems. 
  2. Restore the exported object in the new environment (AC v4.0) by using the helm command.

Exporting the objects from AC v3.5 and above

To export the objects, you need to run the migration utility in your AC v3.5 environment. 

Restoring the objects in the AC v4.0 environment

To restore the objects, you need to set the path of he restore.xml file in an environment variable and then use the helm command. 

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