Services in Adeptia Connect refer to a host of services that you may need to define or execute to complete a business process. You come across most of the services in the middle of creating a process flow, a template, or a transaction. The list of services that are more frequent in use may include web mapper, layout builder, source, target, web services, account, etc. 

This section introduces you to Adeptia Connect services and guides you on how and when to use them to your requirements and to achieve your business outcome.

The brief explanation about some of the services below provides you a glimpse of what they are used for:

  • Web Mapper: It is a visual data-mapping tool used for mapping elements in advanced data integration projects. This tool allows you to specify the source and target layouts and to map data fields from source layout to target layout.
  • Layout builder: It helps you to manually create a layout through a data file directly through an interactive UI. You can choose a sample or an exact source file to define the layout by custom selection.
  • Web Service: It is a method of communication that allows two application systems to exchange their data over the Internet. The term Web Service describes a standardized way of integrating web-based applications. 
  • Polling Services: This allows a process flow to 'wait' and 'listen' to a defined location at which specific file, mail, or data is to arrive or to be modified before the execution of the next service.