A Template is a configurable service that enables the exchange of data between Companies and Partners. It establishes a communication link between the sender and the receiver of the data.

Adeptia Connect already has following three prebuilt Templates that only Company can use to create Transactions. You can either use these Templates to create a sample Transaction to check the successful exchange of data or create a new one. Note that prebuilt Templates can't be edited or deleted.

  • Data Integration: A Template to be used by the Company to exchange data between two applications.
  • EDI Inbound: A Template to be used by the Company to receive EDI data from the Partner.
  • EDI Outbound: A Template to be used by the Company to send EDI data to the Partner.

You can create following four types of Templates in Adeptia Connect:

  • Convert Template: A convert template is useful when you want to convert CSV, Excel, Fixed Length, XML or Business application data into another format and transfer them.
  • Pass-thru Template: A pass-thru template is useful when you want to send or receive business or file application data without any conversion.
  • EDI Template: A Template that sends or receives EDI file from/to the Partner.
  • Custom Template: A Template to customize the activities used in the process flow that act only as placeholders and will be configured while creating the Template.