The key terms used in Adeptia Connect are defined below:

Key termsDescription
CompanyA Company is an entity that installs Adeptia Connect at its environment and manages all the transactions of and with the Partners.
NetworkA Network is a group of Partners. A Company may create multiple Networks based on the type of Partners.
PartnerA Partner is an entity that exchanges the data with the company.
IT UserAn IT user is an administrator user who has complete access to Adeptia Connect such as adding other users, working with Templates, etc. However, privileges of an IT user at the Partner's side may vary.
Business UserA Business user has restricted rights with access to only Partners, Transactions, and Dashboard.
Transaction Template
A Transaction Template is a shared connection which your Partners can use for exchanging data. This is a request-based feature for the Partners.
TransactionA Transaction is a connection you create for exchanging data with your Partner.
Web FormA Web Form is an interactive feature that allows you to create a form to transfer data from a source to destination. 
LayoutA Layout is used to exchange data between applications having different data formats.