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This section discusses how you can upgrade from AC v4.0 to a higher version.

If you wish to upgrade from AC v4.0 Beta to AC v4.0 GA, it is recommended that you do a fresh install instead of following the standard upgrade path.

Upgrading from AC 4.0 GA onwards

Following the GA release of AC v4.0, Adeptia will release the higher versions of the application from time to time. You can follow the standard upgrade path and upgrade to a higher version of Adeptia Connect. To upgrade, you need to do the following in the same order.

  1. Update the Helm repository.  
  2. Upgrade to the next version

Updating the Helm Repository

Before you start to move to next version, make sure that you have updated the Helm Repository. 

To update the Helm Repository, run the following command on the Helm CLI.

helm repo update

Upgrading to the higher version

After you've updated the Helm Repository, run the following command on the Helm CLI.

helm upgrade -i adeptia-connect adeptia/ --version <Version number> -f adeptia/values.yaml -n < NAMESPACE >


  • adeptia-connect is the name you want to give to your deployment.
  • adeptia/ is path of the application within the adeptia repository.
As there is a single application within the adeptia repository, the path will remain as adeptia/.
  • <Version number> is the version of Adeptia Connect that you want to install.


    Use a specific version number in the version argument, else the latest version of Adeptia Connect will be installed.
  • -f denotes file.
  • adeptia/values.yaml is the location of your values.yaml file.
  • -n denotes namespace.
  • <NAMESPACE> is the namespace the application will belong to in the Kubernetes Cluster.