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A Company may have numerous users and there is a need to create separate users account to allow users to access Adeptia Connect using their own credentials. A Company user can invite Partners and creates Templates and Transactions.

There are four types of users in Adeptia Connect:

  • IT user
  • Business user
  • Sys Admin user
  • View-Only user

The role of each user differs. For more information, refer to User Roles.

This page contains the following information:

Inviting a user

A user can register with Adeptia Connect through an invitation only. Therefore, to allow users to access Adeptia Connect, you need to invite a user. Only a Company administrator and an IT user can invite users.

To invite a user:

  1. Click Account > Users
  2. On the Users screen, click Invite Users.
  3. On the Invite User screen, in the Provide User Email text box, provide the email id of the user whom you want to register with and access Adeptia Connect. 
    You can invite multiple users using their email ids separated by a comma.

  4. In the Assign Role field,   
    1. In the Company/EntityPartner field, select Partner/Company.
    2. In the Role field, select the user role (IT, Business, or Sys Admin). The user rights may vary depending upon their role defined. For more information, click here.
  5. Type the message in the Message text box. The message you type here will be displayed in the body of the invitation email. 
  6. In the Reply to Email text box, provide an email id to which the invited users can send their response in reply to the invitation email. 

  7. Click Send to send the invitation. 

This invites a user.

The invited user will receive the invitation email to activate the account. After the user activates the account, it gets listed in the users section with an Active status. 

You can check the status of the invitation sent to the users from the SENT INVITES group displayed in the left pane of the users screen. All the accepted invitations are marked as  and unaccepted invitations are marked as Not Accepted.

If due to some reasons the invitation email is not received by the user, you can resend the email.

To resend the invitation, in the SENT INVITES group, click  corresponding to the user who has not received or not accepted the invitation. On the Invite User window, click Send to resend the invitation.

Revoking an unaccepted invitation

An unaccepted invitation in the SENT INVITES group may show because of following two reasons:

  • The user is valid but has not accepted the invite.
  • The invite has been accidentally sent to a wrong user.

You can revoke such invites by using Revoke  icon associated with each unaccepted invitation.

Follow the steps below to revoke an unaccepted invitation:

  1. Click Revoke  icon for the unaccepted invite.
  2. Click Yes to confirm.

    A confirmation message is displayed after successful revocation.

Activating a user account

User needs to follow these steps to activate the account:

  1. Open the Inbox.
  2. Search the email received from your Company.
  3. Click Setup Account.

  4. On the Complete Your Registration form, displayed in a new tab, fill in the details and click Complete Registration.

    This completes your registration and activates users' account. Once the account is activated, the user can log in to Adeptia Connect using the registered email id.

Viewing user details

You can view an activated user's details such as email id, role assigned, and other details you'd have specified while sending the invitation. To view user details:

  1. Click Account > Users
  2. On the users screen, do one of the followings,
    • Click  > View.

    • Click the name of the user to view details.

  3. On the View User window, view the details of the user.

    You can also edit the details of the user from the View User window. Click Edit to edit user details

Editing user details

You can modify the details of a registered user. This might be necessary for the following situations:

  • User details have been changed.
  • Assigning different role to the user. 

Only a Company administrator and an IT user can modify user details.  

You can modify the details of an Inactive user only. For information on how to change the status of a user, refer to Deactivating a user.

To edit a user details:

  1. Click Account > Users
  2. On the Users screen, click  > Edit.

    If you attempt to edit details of a user who has the Active status, you will be prompted to deactivate the user. Click Yes to Deactivate the user.

  3. On the Edit User Detail window, edit the details and click Save.

    You cannot modify the name of the Company and email ID of a user.

Deactivating a user

Deactivate a user in one of the following situations:

  • Editing details of a user.
  • Restricting access to Adeptia Connect.

To deactivate a user:

  1. Click Account > Users
  2. On the Users screen, click  > Deactivate
    Deactivate option appears for the users with an Active status only.

    Once you deactivate a user, its status will become Inactive, indicating user is deactivated now.

    To activate the user again, click  > Activate. 

Deleting a user

Delete a user to prevent that individual from accessing Adeptia Connect. You can delete a user if a user has no associated objects. Therefore, before deleting a user, either delete all objects or move objects to another user

Only a Company administrator and an IT user can delete a user.

To delete a user:

  1. Click Account > Users
  2. On the Users screen, click  > Delete.

  3. Click Yes, when prompted to confirm.