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When you login to Adeptia Connect, you are greeted with Adeptia Connect home page. It is divided into following panes:

  1. Task Pane
  2. I Want To
  3. Usage
  4. My Setup
  5. Popular Connections
  6. Recent Activity
  7. Bottom Pane


  1. Task Pane: Task pane consists of Explore, MyConnections, and Dashboard buttons on the left and My AccountMessage Center, Help, and Logout icons on the right.

  2. I WANT TO: Displays your recently used connections for easy access. You can connect two applications and connect to a company directly from this section. 

  3. USAGE: Provides a graphical representation of the data processed, that is, sent or received per day (for up to seven days). Throughput here means the total data processed through Connections on a particular day.

  4. MY SETUP: Displays your account set-up details. These details include the total number of companies and applications that you have used while exchanging data, your company's total number of  Connections and the number of active (ON) users. It also displays the type of subscription plan opted by your company.

  5. POPULAR CONNECTIONS: Lists the Shared Connections sorted on their usage.

  6. RECENT ACTIVITY: Displays the activities performed on the Connections.

  7. BOTTOM PANE: Bottom pane provide the links to Terms of Use, Support, feedback, and copyright information. 

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