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Use Connect to company to choose a company and use its connection.

  1. Login to Adeptia Connect.
  2. Click My Connections.


  3. Click Create Connection to view Connection Source & Destination screen.


  4. Select Connect to company.


  5. Click Select Company drop down to view the list of existing companies.

  6. Click the company you want to connect with.

  7. Click Explore Connection for the selected company to view the list of connections shared by the selected company. 

  8. Click Request Access corresponding to the connection to send the request to access the connection.
  9. Enter the message and click Send.

    The recipient gets a Connection Request notification. Once the connection is approved, you will receive a notification in the Message Center.
  10. Click Use This  icon either from your notifications or from the Explore page.

  11. Review the connection information and click Start.

See also: Creating Connection between Apps

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