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If you want to exchange the data between two applications used within a company, you must create a Connection between the two.

You can either use a pre-defined Shared Connection or create a new Connection.

To use a pre-defined Connection, see Exploring Shared Connections.

To create a Connection - For example, to send a new customer’s details from QuickBooks to your Email account (as an excel attachment), you need to perform the following tasks to establish a Connection between the two Apps:

  1. Define Source & Destination: Define the Source and Destination application between which the data will be exchanged.
  2. Configure Source & Destination: Configure the Source and Destination location of the data.
  3. Data Field Mapping: Map the data fields of the customer entity between two Apps.


If you want to send attachments from your Email to QuickBooks, you must create another Connection and repeat the steps accordingly.

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