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If you want to exchange the data between two applications of different companies, then either you or your partner must create a Shared Connection. Adeptia Connect Shared Connection allows you to publish a Connection between two applications so that companies can use them for exchanging data between themselves.

You can create a Shared Connection for either sending data or receiving data.

A Shared Connection defines the format and the location from or to which the data is to be sent or received.

To create a Shared Connection - For example, to send a new Purchase Orders from your Dropbox to your partner's application as it is, you need to perform the following tasks to establish a Connection between the two Apps:

  1. Define Source & Destination: Define the Source and Destination application between which the data will be exchanged.
  2. Configure Source & Destination: Configure the Source and Destination location of the data.
  3. Documentation: Document the important points to help your partners understand your shared connection better e.g., file formats, the expected file size and number of records, how frequently the files will be sent, etc.

If you want to send data from your partner's app to your Dropbox, you must create another Shared Connection and repeat the steps accordingly.

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