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A cluster is a group of independent Secure Bridges or Engines working collectively as a single system. Clustering provides high-availability, scalability, and manageability for resources and applications by grouping multiple servers running Secure Bridge or Engine. 

The first Secure Bridge or Engine to start in a cluster is designated as a Primary Node and all subsequent ones are designated as Secondary Nodes in that cluster. The Primary Node regularly checks the Secondary Nodes for their status to determine their availability for process flow execution. In case of a Primary Node failure, one of the Secondary Nodes (node with maximum up time) automatically takes over the responsibility of the Primary Node for managing load distribution in the cluster.

Secure Bridge and Secure Engine are simplified versions of our Adeptia Integration Suite product. Hence, the process of setting the Cluster of Secure Bridge or Engine is the same as that of Adeptia Integration Suite. Refer to the Clustering Deployment Guide for detailed steps.

In a cluster, you must always use an external load balancer with HTTPS/SSL configuration for the WebRunners. This helps maintain privacy and ensures that no one can eavesdrop into it.



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