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  • Introducing Adeptia Connect
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Adeptia Connect is a cloud-based business application that allows you to access and exchange data with your partners (i.e., customers, vendors, or external organizations), and other cloud based applications used within the company. It allows you to exchange  information in the simplest possible way. It is designed for business users to self-manage their data connectivity while providing control to IT staff.

Adeptia Connect features a simple user interface to manage all external connections and data interfaces for your company, and reduces your effort and cost drastically.  It is a single place to manage all your business data exchanges, where you publish your company profile just once and Adeptia Connect takes care of the rest.

Key Features

Adeptia Connect includes the following key features:

  • Exchanging Data: Adeptia Connect allows you to exchange data with your partners or between two of your cloud based applications through 1-to-1 or 1-to-many connectivity.
    • To exchange data either between two applications used within the same company, or between various companies, you can create the appropriate Connections.

  • Social Platform: Adeptia Connect provides LinkedIn (or Facebook) type of request-approval process to manage the Connections with partners. Just like any other social network, you can see the list of companies and applications signed up with Adeptia Connect. However, you can only see their publicly shared content.

Exchanging Data

Through Adeptia Connect, you can exchange data between two cloud based applications or with your partners. Options to exchange data include:

  • Create Connections to receive data from more than one partner
  • Create Connections to send data to more than one partner
  • Create Connections to exchange data between two applications used within the company
  • Invite partners with whom you want to Network or exchange the data

Adeptia Connect does not store or create a copy of the data exchanged.


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