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Adeptia's Secure Bridge and Engine help you maintain confidentiality and privacy of your data by allowing you connect your internal applications securely. It also helps moving processing to your own premises if required.

Secure Bridge

Secure Bridge helps you to securely connect your private databases, JMS instances, and files from your own secured premises to Adeptia Connect. Using Secure Bridge, you can connect your entities to Connect as a source or target application, securely and easily.

Benefits of Secure Bridge

  • Securely connects on-premise applications to the cloud applications
  • Connects on-premise applications running in different locations
  • Allows to securely share on-premise applications data to other companies

How it Works

You install Adeptia Secure Bridge on your premise (company or data center in cloud) and can easily configure it with Adeptia Connect running on cloud. You can then connect with the Secure Bridge and configure your data sources or data targets. These data sources & targets get listed on Adeptia Connect, and you can use these as source or target to connect with other applications. This helps you in moving to the cloud but at the same time you can continue to use your application or systems that you have built over the time.

The following diagrams depicts the connection architecture. 

Secure Bridge With Public IP:

Secure Bridge With Private IP:

Once configured, these databases, JMS instances, and files appear to Connect as applications that you can connect to other applications.

Secure Engine

Secure Engine helps you to process all your data within your own premise. It also helps you to use your own private servers while using Secure Bridge. 

Benefits of Secure Engine

Secure Engines provides you with the flexibility of iPass while you still want your data to process in your secure data center or on-premise.

How it Works

You install Secure Engine on your premise (company or data center). You can easily configure the Secure Engine with Adeptia Connect running on cloud while using Adeptia Connect cloud application to configure your connections with different applications, companies, and APIs.

On the run-time, all these connections run in your data center or on-premise. You receive your partner data or data from applications directly not go through Adeptia Connect. Your data is completely safe with you. 

Secure Engine also has Secure Bridge capability and you get Secure Bridge with Secure Engine.

A Company can have only one Secure Engine but as many Secure Bridges as needed.




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