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For an introduction to Secure Engine, see Secure Bridge and Secure Engine.

Perform the following steps to use a Secure Engine.

  1. Download and install Secure Engine on your system. 

    To install Secure Engine in a cluster, refer to the Enabling Clustering section.

  2. Install a verified SSL Certificate for Secure Engine.
  3. Send the SSL key to Adeptia for inclusion in their Trust Store.
  4. Login to Adeptia Connect, navigate to Preferences and Settings and setup your Secure Engine IP and Port.
  5. Login to Secure Bridge from within Connect and configure your Secure Bridge installation.

Secure Engine includes Secure Bridge as well. Hence, you can connect your private databases, JMS instances, and files to Connect as applications.

You can have only one Secure Engine but can have multiple Secure Bridges as required.

The first three steps are identical to the ones in Using a Secure Bridge. The following section demonstrates how to perform step 4.

Configuring a Secure Engine automatically configures one Secure Bridge for you. After you perform step 4, proceed with Configuring Connectors for Your On-Premise Applications.

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