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Build Tag: Release_6_5_01_28Sep_2016


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This patch can be applied on Adeptia Suite Version 6.5 Release.

What’s new in this release?


1.    Enhanced AIS Homepage

You can get an easy access to B2B Trading Partners and Process Flow Management from the Homepage. Also, you can view the snapshot of B2B and Process Flow Activities on the Homepage with a quick link to respective Dashboards.

2.    New B2B Dashboard

A new page of B2B Dashboard has been introduced in the Dashboard section. You can view snapshot of various key information about B2B transactions on this page. 

3.    Search B2B Logs Based on FA Status

You can now search B2B logs based on the FA Status: Sent, Queued, Not Expected, Not Received, Reconciled, Overdue, and Error.

Also, you can now view Overdue status of the transactions in the FA Status section of B2B Logs table.

4.    Support for Multiple Sheets in Excel Schema

You can now process multiple sheets of an excel file using an Excel Schema. Click here to know more.

5.    Support for New Applications Data Interface

Support for following nine apps in Data Interface:

    • Azure Table
    • Dynamic NAV
    • Apache Cassandra
    • Mongo DB
    • Google Analytics
    • Google BigQuery
    • Eloqua
    • Hubspot
    • Marketo

6.   Track Context Variables in B2B Logs

               For EDI X12, you can now track and view the context variable values in View Data and Messages page of B2B logs.

7.   Access to SAP and AS2 Logs for Business Users.

       Now Business Users can also view SAP and AS2 Logs. Earlier this feature was restricted for the Business Users.

8.   View Installation Logs in the Downloaded Report

        You can now view installation log details in the report file downloaded from System Console.

9.   Download EDI File(s) as PDF

You can now view and download the PDF format of EDI file from EDI log pages. 

10.  Support to view RESTful URL in the Process Flow Logs

When a RESTFul web service is invoked by a consumer, provider can view the information about the invoked URL with the following variables:

    • InvokedURL
    • InvokedMethod
    • InvokedResourceEndPath

      The value of these variables can be found in Process Flow Context within Process Flow Log.

11.  Support to Override Content-Type and Disposition Order

               Support has been added to change the content-type of multi-part and disposition order at the run time in a consumer activity.

12.  Support to Define Dynamic End Path URL

You can now define dynamic end path URL in the Resource End Path while creating RESTful web service provider.


Bug Fixes

  • SAP Listener in AIS shall resume its functionality if the machine gets out of network for more than 30 minutes. You need to reactivate the SAP Listener after the connectivity has resumed.
  • When Adeptia Suite is running in the clustering environment, and SAP Server activated from any node and goes down then SAP Server does not receive any IDOC until any node in the cluster get restarted. 
  • If a database driver is saved without uploading the JAR then the activity gets saved. Migration log throws Null Pointer exception when migration of the object is tried. (Ticket #7768)
  • If an incoming file has records with a date format that does not match the format defined in the data mapper custom method, then unparseable date format error comes for each record (Ticket #7777)
    • abpm.dataMapper.datefunctions.logerror
  • When you execute Web Service SOAP Provider and if the mustUnderstand=1 attribute is used in the header of the request then Web Service provider returns an error. (Ticket #7739)

  • When you execute Web Service for Consumer activity for SOAP 1.2 with WSDL file and binding is defined in a separate file outside of main WSDL, then Web Service Consumer aborts and throws "Null Pointer Exception". (Ticket #7729)

  • Earlier for each new or updated record, a new process flow used to be executed, thus increasing the number of logs. Now, in a Database Event, Trigger for all record option is checked by default which will process all new or updated records in a single process flow.
  • Sometimes when we execute log/archival clean up then an error "java.sql.SQLException: Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint" is displayed in
  • When you process an excel file using an Excel Schema, then some of the files throw the error: "[Error in Input Stream. org.apache.poi.hssf.record.RecordFormatException: Not enough data (1) to read requested (2) bytes]". (Ticket #7706) 
  • Error is shown in the diagnostic link of EDI Inbound flow when Delete On Success is enabled for file source even if the process flow is executed successfully.
  • In EDI X12, the events created for inbound relationships could be used for outbound relationships also, and vice versa. Now, the events created for inbound relationships can be used for inbound activities only. Same applies for outbound relationships. 
  • The mapping, which is using SAXON parser does not work with multiple schema, if change Process Repository path is changed. It throws the error: "net.sf.saxon.trans.XPathException: Resolved URL is malformed".

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