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Build Tag: Release_6_5_02_25Nov_2016


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This patch can be applied on Adeptia Suite Version 6.5 Release.

What’s new in this release?

  1. Support for SAML SSO Authentication
    You can now configure Single Sign-on (SSO) in Adeptia Suite, using Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML).  Click here to know how to configure SSO using SAML. 

  2. Global Search
    With this new feature, you can now search for any service from anywhere in Adeptia Suite.

  3. Support of Query String in API Key 
    You can now pass API key as a part of query string

  4. Support of Response Header in REST Provider

    You can now create your own response header for REST Provider and can also override the response header at run time.

  5. View FA Statuses for Outbound B2B logs

    New FA status added for Outbound reconciliation in B2B logs.

  6. Support for Overriding Target File Name in Non-EDI Inbound/Outbound Relationship
    You can now override the target file name with/without time-stamp for the following target types: File Target, FTP target, and LAN File Target in Non-EDI inbound/outbound relationship.

  7. New Date-Format and Time Stamps in EDI Inbound/Outbound Relationship
    New date formats and time stamps are added in EDI inbound/outbound relationship.

  8. Time Stamp with %% in Target File Name for Inbound/Outbound Relationship

    You can now add time stamp with %% in the target file name for inbound/outbound relationship. Visit the following pages for more information:
    Creating Inbound Relationship for EDI data

    Creating Inbound Relationship for Non-EDI data
    Creating Outbound Relationship for EDI data
    Creating Outbound Relationship for Non-EDI data

  9. JDBC Drivers for Apps in Data Interface

    Drivers for all the apps in Data Interface has been updated.

  10. Add on Features in Professional Edition of Adeptia Suite

    Dynamic Process Flow and Web Service Consumer are now available as add on features in the Professional edition of Adeptia Suite.

  11. Improved Log Cleanup
    Data can now be deleted chunks, while running log cleanup, from MySQL database.


Bug Fixes

Following are the issues that are fixed in this release.

  • When you finish the overdue task from Task Manager one by one then sometimes process flow get aborted and error is displayed in the Kernel logs. (Ticket #7621)
  • Unable to override the target file name with/without time-stamp for target types - File Target, FTP target, LAN File Target, in Non-EDI Inbound/Outbound relationship. (Ticket #7163)
  • When you remove schema from Data Mapper, schema intended to be removed stays intact. (Ticket #7477)
  • While importing objects using the Non-Interactive Migration Utility, you are unable to override project group during object/s deployment. (Ticket #7655)
  • Data Interface binded event gets deleted due to which error is displayed on Data Interface manage page. (Ticket #7272)
  • When you search using any criteria in B2B logs then in the search result, same links are displayed in FileIn and FileOut column.
  • Mapper is not able to load the child of Advance database schema node when the node is already present in the node hierarchy.
  • In Mysql Database, when you execute EDI Inbound for reconciliation twice for an outbound message, then All and X12 Outbound displays an error.
  • When you view Data Interface logs, latest logs are displayed at the end.
  • When you configure pf repository path (abpm.repository.root) and if it doesn't contain word "repository" then PF repositories are archived to some other location.
  • When you try to update GS segment in the database, an error is not handled in a proper way.
  • In some environments, sometimes outbound process flow gets aborted and throws XML DB exception.
  • On some browsers, while creating or editing Data Mapping activity from Data Interface, JNLP file fails to download.
  • On X12 Inbound and Outbound log page, when you search on the basis of FA Status, then relevant values of Inbound and Outbound FA Status columns are not displayed.

  • If a secondary node goes out of network and resumes after sometime, it does not participate in a cluster.
  • If Field name consists of space and Dynamic header support is checked then an error message (Header: <Header_name> not found in data) is displayed at run time.
  • When a partner identifier is configured for an IDoc extension like ZINVOIC then on the drop of a file, an error is thrown for no relationship found.
  • Data Interface and KPI dashboards are not displayed to other users of the same group. 
  • In some cases, when you create Adv. Positional schema with a certain type of XSD and change the hierarchy of records in edit mode, then error records are generated and String Index out of bound exception is displayed in Error.xml file and WebRunner logs.

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