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This patch can be applied on Adeptia Suite v6.5 and later releases.

If you want to install Adeptia Suite v6.6 on a new environment, download the installer from our website. Click here for detailed instructions on installing Adeptia Suite.

If you want to upgrade existing version of Adeptia Suite to v6.6, you need to apply the patch for the new changes. Click here for detailed instructions on applying the patch.

What’s new in this release?

  1. Support to Migrate Single Activity
    By using Migration Utility, you can now migrate a single activity in the GUI mode. Click here to know how to migrate. 

  2. Support of Chinese Characters in Data Mapper
    With this new feature, you can now create context variables with Chinese characters in the Data Mapper.

  3. Support for Unstructured Data Parsing 
    Excel schema can now process unstructured files (excel and pdf) also. Click here to know more.

  4. Support for Handling Special Characters, Spaces, and Reserved Words

    Advanced Database Schema now handles special characters, spaces, and reserved words in the column name of MySQL database query.

  5. New Feature in Free Edition of Adeptia Suite

    Data Interface (limit up to two) is now available in the Free edition of Adeptia Suite.

  6. Performance Optimization
    Performance to execute Web Service Consumer activity has been improved now.

  7. Licensing Changes
    Following licensing changes have been made:

    1. Support for Web Service Consumer is added in the Professional Edition
    2. Support for LDAP Authentication is added in the Professional and Premier Edition
    3. Support to create up to two Data Interface activity is added in the Free edition 

    It is recommended that you should get the latest license and update it after applying the patch. If you do not want to update the latest license, your existing license will still work but the above new changes will not be reflected. 

  8. Support to Abort Mapping

    You can now abort the mapping with the help of a class - abortMapping, available in the mapper utilty class.


Bug Fixes

Following are the issues that are fixed in this release.

  • If the Database Target is used as a target activity and mapping output contains an empty record (<Record/>) then database target activity processes records up to that empty record only. (Ticket #8029)
  • The patch application fails when Adeptia Suite is running on HSQLDB log database with size more than 350 MB.
  • Migration Utility does not run while using Salesforce or NetSuite as a solution with Solution.xml file in License.jar. (Ticket #8240)
  • An error message - "Address already in use" appears while restarting WebRunner when you stop Adeptia services in Linux.
  • All elements/attributes are not loaded while loading XML schema created by the DTD file with/without convert XSD in the Data Mapper.
  • All elements are not loaded in the Data Mapper while applying v6.5Mnt2. (Ticket #8438)
  • Changes are not reflected after changing the value of the user type in file. (Ticket #8382)
  • Unable to make an LDAP group or a user of an LDAP group as a group admin. (Ticket #8392)
  • In case of an error, while testing any Text schema, the displayed error is not user-friendly.
  • On Oracle database, if the table AU_BUILDINFO exists in another schema that is not used in the Adeptia Server then patch deployment fails and displays the following error: Error while reading build tag from database. java.sql.SQLSyntaxErrorException: ORA-00942: table or view does not exist. (Ticket #8375)
  • License Violation error is displayed on AIS home page even in case of correct license and without exceeding the limits. (Ticket #8383)
  • While using JSON Schema at target and map empty value with any element in mapper then in the target file, {} are generated for the empty value. 
  • The EDI outbound process flow gets aborted for some files while executing an EDI Outbound flow after upgrading the environment to Adeptia Suite v6.5. (Ticket #8466)
  • In the selected Data Mapper, selected schemas are not displayed while creating a Data Interface and mapping. (Ticket #8750)
  • RECEIVED status instead of an error is displayed while executing an Inbound relationship and mapping is aborted. (Ticket #8443)
  • The error is not displayed while executing an EDI file and the Skip Compliance check box is unchecked. (Ticket #8435)
  • Excel file skips the column with the blank header.  
  • When the separators of EDI schema are changed and saved then the values don't reflect in the EDI cache and EDI Schema output. (Ticket #8120)
  • While mapping an empty value to the JSON target element, the value for that element in the generated target is displayed as { }.

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