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Build Tag: Release_6_7_25July_2017


Applies to

This is the cumulative patch and can only be applied on Adeptia Suite v6.6 release with any of the following Build Tags:

    • Release_6_7_12June_2017
    • Release_6_6_18April_2017
    • Release_6_6_00_01_27April_2017
    • Release_6_6_00_01_04May_2017
    • Release_6_6_00_01_06June_2017
    • Version_6_7_22May_2017

To install Adeptia Suite v6.7 on a new environment, you need to download the installer from our website. Click here for the detailed instructions on installing Adeptia Suite.

To upgrade existing version of Adeptia Suite to v6.7, you need to apply the patch for the new changes. Click here for detailed instructions on applying the patch.

What’s new in this release?

  1. Support to Rerun the Aborted Process Flows
    A new option Rerun is available in B2B logs to rerun aborted process flows, X12, and EDIFACT logs.

  2. Support for Choosing Ownership of the Migrated Objects
    While migrating the objects to a different environment, you can now define the ownership of the objects to one of the listed users at the target environment.

  3. Support for Processing Duplicate Files in an FTP or File Event
    You can now choose whether to process duplicate files or not while creating File Event and FTP Event.

  4. Support for Default EDI Standard Version in Data Dictionary
    Now 05010 EDI Standard Version is also available as default in the Data Dictionary.

  5. Support to Allow Ignore Case Header fields in Text Schema
    A new option Allow Ignore Case, is available in a Text Schema to ignore the casing mismatches in the header of the schema and the data file.

  6. Upgrade Saxon Version
    Data Mapper now uses Saxon v9.7 to map the elements. 


Bug Fixes

Following are the issues that are fixed in this release.

  • In a clustered environment, if the admin password is changed then Error message HTTP 503 Service Unavailable is displayed on the System Console screen. (Ticket #8892)

  • In a clustered environment, when you upgrade Adeptia Suite to v6.5 System Console screen gets stuck while loading. (Ticket #7975)

  • When you are creating Text schema with \r\n as a record separator then an error is displayed - "Error found in uploaded: Upload correct file Error Message: Expected Record Separator = \r not found in data". (Ticket #8324)

  • When you deploy Web Service Provider objects twice at the target environment in non-interactive mode then the value of ‘Configure Process flow’ field is displayed as blank. (Ticket #8637)

  • Sometimes license activation failed due to an error in getting a number of CPUs. (Ticket #8588)

  • When you apply 6.6 patch then you would not be able to export Project objects. (Ticket #8800)

  • When you migrate a user from one environment to another environment and a user with the same name exists in the target environment then in the target environment two users exist with the same name and unable to login to Adeptia Suite. (Ticket #8070)

  • When you upgrade Adeptia Suite to v6.5 Mnt2 then multiple mappings are lost while opening the applet.

  • File Event doesn't send notification mail to the user if the base location provided in the event is not accessible.

  • If the JSON input file contains a long integer then in the output file it displays in the decimal format.

  • If an Excel source file contains a column with an empty header then data of this column is skipped and assigned to the next column.

  • When you validate XML schema, if any errors occurred in the XML file, then only one error is displayed.

  • If the XML contains a large number of namespaces then an error is displayed at the run time while creating data mapping activity.

  • It takes a long time to process HIPPA inbound file with a large number of Business Unit segments (for example, REF for 834) in the transaction set.

  • Fixed following data mapping related issues:

    • Speed of opening schemas/WSDLs

    • Mapping using full CPU utilization

    • Namespace prefixes are generated differently, breaking existing mappings

    • Source and Target schema does not load completely

    • Mappings complain about missing elements

    • Mapping cannot be opened: Error: NULL and Unable to retrieve schema from database

    • Namespaces not parsed unless schema is manually expanded completely

    • Data Mapper gets confused when loading source and target separately

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