What’s new in this release?

  1. Support of Intelligent Data Mapping (iMap) in the Data Mapper
    iMap helps you automate data mapping by using the repository of mappings provided by Adeptia. This feature is available in Beta version only. To access iMap, contact Adeptia Support.

  2. Support to Archive Target Files in B2B Outbound Relationship
    A new option Create Archive File is available in B2B EDI and Non-EDI Outbound relationship to create an archive of the generated output file.

  3. Support to Select Manual Acknowledgment
    This new option Manual Acknowledgment helps the users to manually change the FA Status of an Overdue acknowledgment in B2B logs.

  4. Support to View API Documentation
    You can now view the list of API documentation for all Web Service Providers on a single screen.

  5. Support to Access Amazon S3 Bucket using Identity Access Management (IAM)
    Previously, you access Amazon S3 bucket through Access Keys and Secret Keys. Now, you can access using Identity Access Management (IAM) roles. 

  6. Plumbr Support to Diagnose Process Flow 
    You can now view the performance of the executing process flow from the Plumbr dashboard.

  7. Support to Validate Database Connections
    Now, every connection is validated while checking out from the database connection pool. This feature helps in avoiding invalid connections. 

  8. Support for Primeur Spazio MFT/s
    You can now integrate Adeptia with Primeur Spazio MFT/s Server. Primeur Spazio MFT/s Server supports data exchange through AS2 protocol and facilitates the communication between different Trading Partners to exchange files in a highly secure and efficient manner.

  9. Displaying Environment Name on Data Mapper and Process Designer Applet
    If you open the same mapper from multiple environments then there is no way to know which instance of mapper belongs to which environment. Now, environment name is displayed on the Applet title bar for environment identification.

  10. Identifying Node on which Value Map is applied
    Earlier, it was not possible to identify on which node Value Map is applied. Now, VM tag is displayed at the side of the node in brackets where the CM tag for comments and M tag for mapping are displayed. 

  11. Support of Spazio Listener and Spazio Target in EDI Inbound/Outbound Relationship
     You will now find Spazio Listener and Spazio target as a service type while creating an EDI inbound and outbound relationship    

Bug Fixes

Following are the issues that are fixed in this release.

  • Process Designer would not open in Linux operating system.
  • While creating an excel target with append mode, the excel target is not appended and the record is overwritten. 
  • When a numeric value starts with zero maps to the JSON target, the leading zeroes are discarded. (Ticket #9024)
  • When you make a clone of a node of WSDL schema, it takes a lot of time to clone a node and almost all of the elements of a node are missing. (Ticket #9095)
  • Process Flow hangs when executing with bad X12 file at source. (Ticket #9006)
  • Unable to process EDI Files with multiple FA/GP GS.
  • In the resulting list of Project modified activities, the modified date is displayed incorrectly. 
  • B2B Dashboard screen is unable to fetch data for users belonging to multiple groups.
  • While executing a process flow, FTP Source is not loaded into memory.
  • The table chart in the Dashboard does not show all columns that are listed while editing or defining DashBoard Component. This happens only with pie or bar charts. 
  • If the XML file contains invalid characters then process flow generates a blank output file at the target.
  • While executing JSON Schema at the target with a single record then the target file is generated with a node ‘item’ tag.
  • An unstable source file is triggered by the FTP and File events.
  • While executing a process flow with large file size (1.5 GB) then Java heap space error occurs.
  • While downloading large file size from FTP server, a high memory consumption error occurs.
  • In a clustered environment with two nodes Primary (N1) and Secondary (N2)
    • When N1 goes down due to network outage and N2 becomes the primary node. After the network is resumed and N1 joins back, the swapping or joining is not be streamlined and displays error.
    • When the secondary node becomes Server (Primary) due to an outage of the network, it joins other nodes as a member of the cluster but does not start the "Server Failure Detection Thread" on member node.
  • In a B2B inbound relationship, if an EDI file that has multiple GS segments and one of the GS contains multiple FA 997 transactions, then the first FA gets processed and successive FAs get stuck in Ready status. Whereas, all FA 997 should move to Success status. After the fix, this queued FAs get processed and shown in the Success status.

  • Automated Resending Failed 997 in EDI transactions. A functionality has been added to resend the EDI outbound document, in case it is stuck in the queue.

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