What’s new in this release?

  • Rich Forms Version Upgrade
    Rich forms have been now upgraded to the latest version. You can start using the latest version in Adeptia Suite by applying the patch. Click here to know how to apply the patch.

  • Support to Create Date Wise Archival Folders in B2B 
    In a B2B relationship, you can now create Auto Organised Archive Folder Based On Date that carries the year, month, and date-time stamp at the archive folder location. This feature is available in following two scenarios:
  • Automatic Email Notification on Reaching the Threshold
    Whenever your Adeptia system health reaches the threshold, you will receive a notification email. You can set the email id, where you wish to receive these emails. Click here to know how to set the email id.

  • Support to Override Delimiters in Text Schema
    You can now override record and field delimiters of Text Schema during process flow execution. This can be done using process flow variables. Click here to know how to override delimiters.

  • Support to Define Access Permissions of EDI and Non-EDI Objects
    You can now set the activity access permissions in EDI and Non-EDI inbound and outbound relationship.

  • Performance and Reliability Improvements
    • In B2B EDI, optimized database queries, reduced number queries, and fixed cursor and connection leaks.
    • In B2B, improved exception handling by capturing uncaught exceptions and prevent null point exceptions.
    • Added DB connection retry in queue processor, clustering, and process flow logging.

  • Support to Disable Mapping Output Indentation
    With a new option - Indent Output XML you can now disable the mapping output indentation. This reduces the file size up to 30-40%, thus increasing the performance.

  • Enable or Disable DTD Validation for Mapping
    You can now enable or disable the DTD validation for mapping through the property added in the Data Mapper.  

  • Support to Use Java APIs
    You can now create Custom PluginGateway Condition, and Exception Scripts using Custom Java APIs.
  • Support to Retain Source File After Successful Execution of Process Flow
    A new option - DELETE ON SUCCESS EXCEPT SOURCE DATA is now available while creating a process flow to retain the source file after the process flow execution. 

  • Support to Skip the Check for File Stable Time 
    You can now set the File Stable Time to zero (0) while creating an FTP event. This will allow the system to pick a file without checking its stability (not running MDTM and size commands).

Bug Fixes 

Following are the issues that are fixed in this release.

  • Failed to set polling status of a File Polling activity. (Ticket #9576)
  • While using content based routing, if there is no outbound relationship defined corresponding to the input file record field then it causes an Integrity Constraint Violation error. (Ticket #9005)
  • If both parent and child process flows are in the same project then Migration utility does not export child process flow project. (Ticket #9274)
  • Data Mapper processing invalid dates and generates a calculated date as an output. 
  • When you click iMap icon in the Data Mapper, Intelligent Data Mapping suggestion window throws the following error "Something went wrong while retrieving suggestion from server".
  • You get zeros in the fields of the Data Mapper if DB Query Caching option is enabled in the Data Mapper. 
  • While creating a new process flow or data mapper in the Google Chrome browser, if you give a space in the process flow or data mapper name (e.g., test test) then it displays a pop-up message - Name is not valid. The pop-up doesn't let you go out and you need to kill the session to come out from the pop-up.
  • If you have created a Custom Report in the Adeptia Suite version 6.5 or earlier, and you save the same report in the Adeptia Suite's latest version, then it would display an error. 
  • When you enter more than 40 characters in the name of a DB Trigger, it displays a pop-up message - Name cannot be more than 40 characters. The pop-up doesn't let you go out and you need to kill the session to come out from the pop-up.
  • Pdf view of raw data doesn't work when a particular transaction/interchange is selected 

  • In a clustered environment with three nodes - Primary N1 and Secondary (N2 and N3), if N1 goes down due to network outage N2 becomes Primary. If N2 goes down due to network outage N3 becomes Primary. When the network is resumed, N2 joins back as Primary. N3 joins N2 as Secondary. N1 joins the network and become Primary, N2 joins N1 as Secondary. When N1 joins the network, at that time N2 was Primary, therefore for N3, N2 is Primary, but after joining N1, N2 swapped as Secondary, therefore for N2, N1 is Primary. In this scenario, for N3 there are two Primary nodes (N1 and N2) causing an error while activating an event from N3. 

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