Release Patch Name:

Build Tag: Release_6_9_02_30April_2018

Applies to:

This patch can only be applied on Adeptia Suite v6.9 and v6.9.1 with any of the following Build Tags:

  • Release_6_9_1_00_03_04April_2018
  • Release_6_9_1_00_01_19March_2018
  • Release_6_9_00_01_19March_2018
  • Release_6_9_1_00_01_14March_2018
  • Release_6_9_01_28Feb_2018
  • Release_6_9_01_28Feb_2018_RichForm
  • Release_6_9_00_01_17Jan_2018
  • Release_6_9_03Jan_2018
  • Release_6_9_03Jan_2018_RichForm

To install Adeptia Suite v6.9.2 on a new environment, you need to download the installer from our website. Click here for the detailed instructions on installing Adeptia Suite.

To upgrade an existing version of Adeptia Suite to v6.9.2, you need to apply the patch to the new changes. Click here for detailed instructions on applying the patch.



It is recommended that you should get the latest license and update it after applying the patch. If you do not want to update the latest license, your existing license will still work but the above new changes will not be reflected.  

To get the latest license contact

For information on how to update the license, refer to Updating the Latest License and for activating the license in offline mode, refer to Activating License.

See also:

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Release Notes


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