What’s new in this release?

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  • Support for Password Vault
    You can now store confidential information such as password in an encrypted format by using Vault feature

  • Support for Resource-Based Allocation of Jobs in a Clustered Environment
    This feature enables Adeptia Suite to check for the available resources on every node of a cluster before allocating the job in round-robin method. Click here to know how to configure resource-based allocation.

  • POI API Upgrade
    POI API has been upgraded to version 3.17.
  • Support for Spazio MFT/s Remote & Scaling
    Adeptia Suite now supports the configuration of a Spazio MFT/s instance hosted at a remote location. Also, you can now connect to multiple Spazio Servers from a single or clustered Adeptia instances.
  • Support to Enable/Disable Validation of URL and Server's hostname in an SSL Connection
    A new property in Adeptia suite will help to enable/disable validation of URL’s hostname against the server’s identification hostname in an SSL connection.
  • Support of Restricting Group Admin from Accessing the Kernel

    You can now configure Kernel maintenance permissions for a Group Admin user through system properties.

  • Support Web Service Provider Authentication for LDAP and Adeptia users
    Now both LDAP and Adeptia users can be accepted by the system while authenticating an incoming request against a Basic Auth Type security policy.

  • Support to configure Default User Permissions for New LDAP Users
    With this feature, you can now change the default permission for a new LDAP user by adding permissions in ldapConfiguration.xml file.

  • Support to handle Null and Empty Elements.
    User can now handle the null and empty elements in Database Source and Target activities through a checkbox.

More Features!

Refer to Release Notes of Adeptia Suite 6.9.1 for more features. However, deployment of 6.9.1 has been merged with current release of Adeptia Suite 6.9.2.

Bug Fixes

Following issues have been fixed in this release:

  • System generates an error in the KernelApplication.logs file whenever a process flow is using JSON schema. The error is generated even after successful execution of process flow. Following is the generated error: "SystemException: java.lang.Boolean cannot be cast to java.lang.String: Error while adding object in application".
  • Database target was not set to retry and when it was executed for the first time, it used to throw error - “Cannot insert Null”. And, when set to retry then the error “Prepared query object already closed” is shown. It should show the actual error.
  • When an user uses filter empty elements tag on the child nodes of mapping, then it automatically gets applied to the parent node. This causes process flow to abort while execution.
  • While generating a single excel file containing with two sheets from two outputs, the target data is displayed in both sheets, but the second sheet shows a blank line at the top. 
  • The project page remained blank and loading for long time until the complete activity list is pulled. After this fix, the project page will load the activities in chunks, instead of loading complete list at once. 
  • In case a user navigates to new page from another page, and the activities of this previous page were not loaded completely. The newly-loaded page would also show the list of activities from the previous page that was not loaded completely.

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