By default, the new installer contains 30 days trial license. In that case, license activation is not required. License activation is required, when you purchase a new license or update a license.

Following are the prerequisites for license activation:

  • Your system must have a static MAC ID; in case of virtual or cloud environment, the MAC ID must remain static.
  • For online activation, you must have internet access.
  • In case of offline activation, there must be one machine with internet access on the network.

There are two methods to activate license:

Automatic Activation: Once you install Adeptia Suite, the suite will automatically activate the license with Adeptia's license server.

Manual Activation: Use this method if you are not connected to Internet

Follow the steps to activate the license:

  1. Start Kernel and WebRunner.
  2. Access Adeptia Suite to open the Manual Activation page. Follow the steps as described in the Manual License Activation section.
  3. Copy the token and do the following.
    1. Open internet browser and visit
    2. Provide your name and email id.
    3. Paste the token in the Activation token box.
    4. Click Submit to generate the Activation Key.
    5. Copy the Generated Activation Key.
    6. Paste the Activation key on the Manual License Activation page of Step 2 above.
  4. Click Submit.
  5. Re-start the build.
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