You can add activities within the project after you have created a project and assigned the default project to a user. You can either create a new activity or edit an existing one. For example, let us suppose you are creating or editing an FTP Source activity for the Warehouse Inventory process. Following are the steps to save this activity in a Project:

  1. Go to Develop > Services > Source > FTP to view FTP Manage page.
  2. Click Create New to create a new FTP activity.
  3. Provide the values in all the fields.
  4. Expand Advance Properties.
  5. Select the project from the Project drop-down list box.

    By default, the Project drop-down list box displays the default project of the logged-in user as the selected project. If you do not add your activity in any of the listed projects then the activity will be added in the Default project of the logged-in user.


  6. Click Save to save the FTP source activity. You can now view the FTP Event activity on the Projects page. 


Click to expand the activity. You can now manage this activity from the Projects page. Similarly, you can create and add multiple activities within a project.
To learn more about the scope of the project, refer to Group Level Project Scope.

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