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This guide aims at providing detailed steps to install and configure JSCAPE MFT Server and integrate it with Adeptia. JSCAPE MFT Server supports data exchange through AS2 protocol and facilitates the communication between different Trading Partners who want to exchange EDI files in a highly secured and efficient manner.

AS2 protocol is operated over http(s) protocol and is a highly secure means of communication as it can encrypt and sign the files before sending. Adeptia has provided this functionality for AS2 communication with the help of third party vendor, that is, JSCAPE MFT Server. JSCAPE MFT Server receives files from different Trading Partners and places them on the local servers from where Adeptia pick those files for further processing.

Following are the major sections of this guide:

Section NameDescription

Installing JSCAPE MFT Server

Installing JSCAPE MFT Server, starting JSCAPE Server services, and launching JSCAPE MFT Server.

Configuring JSCAPE MFT Server to Communicate with Other AS2 Servers

Creating a domain in JSCAPE Server, enabling AS2 services, and creating user profiles.

Setting up JSCAPE Failover Server

Defining and configuring failover server.

Creating Trading Partner Accounts

Creating Trading Partner accounts.

Configuring JSCAPE with Adeptia

Configuring JSCAPE and Adeptia.

Receiving AS2 messages

Receiving AS2 messages in JSCAPE MFT Server.

Sending AS2 messages

Sending AS2 messages manually and automatically, resending and viewing AS2 messages.

Configuring JSCAPE Server Backup

Configuring an automatic backup.
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