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The following tables list the various conventions used in Adeptia documentation. We follow these conventions to help you quickly and easily identify particular elements, processes, and names that occur frequently in documents.

Typographical conventions

This guide uses the following typographical conventions:



Bold text

Indicates one of the following:

  • Screen element
  • A clicked file or folder name
  • A control in an application’s user interface
  • User Input
  • Terms

Italic text


  • A reference or the title of a publication.
  • Important information
  • New terminology
  • Placeholders

Monospaced text

Indicates code examples


Indicates an Internet link to target material.

Graphical conventions

This guide uses the following graphical conventions:



Indicates additional information that may be of interest to the reader.

Contacts Reporting Problems

These sections present contact information for different situations.


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Resource Materials

The following documents are available.



Installation GuideProvides you the guidelines for installing Test Adeptia Suite on your Microsoft Windows-based and Linux/Solaris-based operating systems.

Getting Started Guide

Reference document for those who are working with Adeptia Suite for the first time. First-time users should follow this guide sequentially.

Developer Guide

Provides an in-depth description of all the activities and services of Adeptia Suite that are available to a developer. It acts as a guideline to use the various services of Adeptia Suite in a design environment.

Business User Guide

Describes in-depth the features of Adeptia Suite that are available to a business user.

Modeler and Simulation Guide

Covers the description and usage of the Process Modeler and Simulation features of Adeptia Suite. It guides you in using these tools to analyze, optimize, and enhance any business process.

Admin Guide

Provides an in-depth description of the Administrative features of Adeptia Suite. It mentors you in managing the functioning, designing, and integration of various business processes using the administrative features of Adeptia Suite. 

B2Bi Accelerator User GuideProvides guideline to use Adeptia B2Bi Suite for exchanging documents in EDI (X12, EDI HIPAA, and EDIFACT), and Non-EDI Format (XML, Excel, and CSV) between trading partners.

Migration Utility Guide

Provides guideline to migrate objects (Activities, Objects, Process Flows, Users, and Groups etc.) from one Adeptia Suite installation to another Adeptia Suite installation in interactive and noninteractive modes.
Explains how to manage Cloud data using Application Services.

SAP Integration Guide

Enables you to send or receive Intermediate Document (IDoc), which is a SAP document format for business transaction data transfers. 
LDAP Integration GuideProvides a brief description on how to configure Adeptia Suite to use LDAP Server for authentication and authorization.
Performance Tuning GuideHelps Adeptia users to configure Adeptia Suite for maximum performance. It also describes different parameters that can be tweaked to improve the performance in different scenarios. 
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