The administration of Adeptia Suite involves creation and management of users, groups and business roles. The Administrator's role also involves configuration of system properties, ensuring system security and monitoring system status.

You must have administrative rights to perform administrative tasks. These rights vary based upon the user type.

Administrative rights vary based on the user type. The Admin user is pre-created in Adeptia and is entitled to all administrative tasks. The other users are created by the Administrator. 
The Admin user can create the following types of users:

  • Sys Admin
  • Group Admin
  • Business User
  • Developer


    Sys Admin

Sys Admin user has permissions equivalent to the Administrator. It can create and delete users and groups as well as perform all the tasks of a group admin, business, or user developer. However, only Admin and Sys Admin users can update system properties, enable clustering, stop/pause the kernel, and restart scheduler. 

    Group Admin

Each group has one or more "admin", who is able to manage the users within that group. A Group Admin can create, edit, and delete users within its group. He can also change the permissions of users and perform all the tasks of a developer. 

    Business User

A Business User can manage all tasks assigned to the user or his group, executes his solutions, monitor solutions and performance of users, and view all Adeptia Suite Logs.


A Developer can create object such as activities and process flows etc. It also has rights to execute the process flows and monitor the logs. 

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