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This guide acts as a guideline to use Adeptia B2BI Suite for exchanging documents in EDI (X12, EDI HIPAA, and EDIFACT) and Non EDI Format (XML, Excel, and CSV) between trading partners. It covers a systematic explanation and allow partners to establish relationships for seamlessly sending and receiving documents using Adeptia B2BI Suite.

Adeptia B2BI Suite is a combination of following accelerators:

  • EDI Accelerator: For exchanging EDI (X12, EDI HIPAA, EDIFCAT) documents between trading partners.
  • Non-EDI: For exchanging documents of Non EDI Format. For example XML, Excel, CSV, and more. 

This guide is intended for all users of Adeptia Suite, who need to exchange EDI and Non EDI documents between partners. 

Following are the major sections of this guide: 


Section Name


EDI Accelerator

About EDI Accelerator, architecture and components of EDI Accelerator.

Creating a New Trading Partner

Step-by-step instructions to create an EDI Trading Partner activity.

Creating EDI Schema

Step-by-step instructions to create an EDI Schema.

Configuring an Inbound Message Processing

Pre-requisites, configuring an Inbound Event, Source Schema, Target Schema, Mapping, Target, creating Inbound Relationship, and Outbound Relationship for Acknowledgement.

Configuring an Outbound Message Processing

Pre-requisites, configuring Source Event, Source Schema, Target Schema, Mapping, creating an Outbound Target, Outbound Batch Schedule, Outbound Relationship, Inbound Relationship for Reconciling Acknowledgment, ISA Outbound Envelope, and UNB Outbound Envelope.

Viewing Logs

Viewing different types of logs - Interchanges, Transaction, and Retransmitting an EDI Interchange or Transaction.

Receiving Notifications

Receiving EDI Notifications and Non EDI Notifications.

Configuring Database Event For Outbound Processing

Step-by-step instructions to create Database Event for configuring database as a source for outbound processing.

Enabling Delete on Success for EDI ProcessingStep-by-step instructions to enable Delete on Success option for EDI processing.

Migrating B2BI Objects

Migrating all your B2B objects (EDI and Non EDI) across multiple environments.

Properties Of B2BI

Properties that you can configure to process EDI file.
Configuring Process Flow VariablesStep-by-step instructions to generate process flow variable and log files for inbound/outbound processing.
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