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Using Migration Utility can be used to take the backup of all objects of Adeptia Server.
createbackup.bat (for windows) and (for Linux and Solaris) is provided in the <InstallFolder>\ServerKernel folder. When you execute this file, it creates a zip file, which contains the backup of objects. Name of the zip file will be backup_<Date>_<Time>.zip.
A file is provided in <InstallFolder>\ServerKernel\MigrationUtility. This file is used to define following parameters:

  • Folder where zip file is created
  • Whether to back up the optional file or not

KernelApplication.log and WebrunnerApplication.log are the optional files. These file contains logs of Kernel and WebRunner.
Default is given in Figure 1

Figure 1: Sample file

By default, the zip file is created in the folder where Adeptia Suite is installed. For example if Adeptia Suite is installed in C:\Program Files\AdeptiaSuite\AdeptiaServer-6.2 then the backup is created in C:\Program Files\AdeptiaSuite\AdeptiaServer-6.2.
If you want to create the backup file in any other folder, then edit the <InstallFolder>\ServerKernel\MigrationUtility\ file and specify the path where you want to create the backup zip. You can specify any absolute patch.

Use only forward slash (tick) in the path.

By default, optional files are not included in the backup. If you want to include optional files in the backup, then edit the file and change the value of optional.files from no to yes.

Steps to backup the objects:

  1. Make sure that the Kernel and WebRunner are running.
  2. In case you want to create the backup in folder other than the default folder, edit the file and specify the path where you want to create the backup zip.
  3. Go to <InstallFolder>\ServerKernel folder in execute the createbackup.bat file.

On Linux or Solaris, execute file using following command.


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