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This guide covers detailed description of all the features of Adeptia Suite that are available to a business user. It acts as a guideline to use these features seamlessly and perform them in a business environment using Adeptia Suite. 

Even though all these features are available to all the users, primarily, only a business user performs them. Thus, this guide is intended for business users only. 

Following are the major sections of this guide:


Section Name


Task Manager

Viewing and managing tasks.

Document Manager

About Document Manager and operations that can be performed in the Document Manager.

Using My Solutions

Using and executing solutions.

Monitoring Process Flow Dashboard

Managing process flow.

Monitoring User Performance

Viewing and monitoring the performance of the users, Task Queue details.

Monitoring Data InterfaceViewing data interface logs.

Monitoring Events

Monitoring events, process flows, scheduled events, and fired events

Viewing Usage Report

Monitoring the performance of current repository, process execution, and data integration execution.

Viewing Custom Report

Viewing customized process flow report.

Viewing LogsViewing different types of logs - Audit Trail, Event, System, Process Flow, and AS2.

Monitoring B2B Dashboard

Viewing snapshot of all B2B transactions.



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