This guide assist you to setup a cluster of Adeptia Suite and is intended for the users who want to set up Adeptia Suite in a clustering environment. Make sure that you have logged in as a user with administrative privileges.

Following are the major sections of this guide:

Section NameDescription
About ClusteringIntroduction of Clustering.
Enabling ClusteringStep-by-step instructions to enable clustering in Adeptia Suite.
Starting Adeptia Suite - Clustering ModeStep-by-step instructions to start Adeptia Suite in Clustering mode on Windows-based and Linux-based operating system.
Configuring Load Balancer for Health CheckupConfiguring Load Balancer and WebRunner for health checkup.
How to setup NFS?Step-by-step instructions to setup and configure NFS.
Resource-Based AllocationSteps to enable resource based job allocation in a clustered environment.
Cluster Failover SupportCluster Failover Support.
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