Context Download activity is used to generate XML from a context variable. This is required when the context variable's information is to be stored in some target. This information can be passed as stream to other activities. For example, if you want to store variables and their values present in the context as per schema defined to any target activity like database target, File Target, then context download activity can be used. It will generate XML of context variables and their values, which can be further used.
This feature is available in:






Steps to Create Context Download activity

  1. On the Adeptia Suite homepage, click the Develop tab.
  2. Go to Services > Miscellaneous and then click the Context Download.

    The Manage Context Download screen is displayed (see Figure 604)

    Figure 604: Manage Context Download

  3. Click the Create New link. The Create Context Download screen is displayed.
  4. Enter the name and description for Context Download in the textboxes Name and Description fields respectively.
  5. Select the schema activity from the dropdown list Schema Name (see Figure 605).

    Figure 605: Create Context Download

  6. To define the context variable, click the Define context variable(s) button. The Map Context Variable screen is displayed (see Figure 606).

    Figure 606: Map Context Variable

  7. Expand the selected schema by clicking [+]. All fields of selected schemas are displayed (see Figure 607).

    Figure 607: Expand Schema

  8. Enter a name for the context variable in the textbox Variable Name (see Figure 608).

    Figure 608: Enter Variable Name

  9. Select the schema element, which you want to map with the above defined variable. The XPath of the selected element is displayed in the textbox Mapping (see Figure 609).

    Figure 609: Map Schema Element with Variable

  10. Click the Apply button. Value of the selected schema element is displayed in the Variable Value field (see Figure 610).

    Figure 610: Apply Map

  11. Repeat steps from 8 to10 to map the context variable with other elements.
  12. Select the Nullable checkbox in case you want this variable to allow blank value.
  13. Click OK button to return to the Create Context Download screen.

    To learn about Advanced Properties refer to Changing Advanced Properties section.

  14. Click the Save button.


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