Context Upload is used to map any field of a schema to the Process Flow Context Variable. Once the variable is set in process flow context, it can be used by any activity in the Process Flow.
Context Upload variables can be created for all types of schemas. In case of XML Schema, only those XML schemas, which are created by uploading XSD file, or DTD file (with Convert to XSD option enabled) can be used to create Context Upload variables.
This feature is available in:






Steps to Create Context Upload activity

  1. On the Adeptia Suite homepage, click the Develop tab.
  2. Go to Services > Miscellaneous and then click the Context Upload.

    The Manage Context Upload screen is displayed (see Figure 611).

    Figure 611: Manage Context Upload

  3. Click the Create New link. The Create Context Upload screen is displayed.
  4. Enter the name and description for Context Upload in the textboxes Name and Description respectively.
  5. Select the schema activity from the dropdown list Schema Name (see Figure 612).

    Figure 612: Create Context Upload screen

  6. To define the context variable, click the Define context variable(s) button. The Map Context Variable screen is displayed.
  7. Expand the selected schema by clicking [+]. All fields of selected schemas are displayed.
  8. Enter a name for the context variable in the textbox Variable Name.
  9. Select the schema element, which you want to map with the above defined variable. The XPath of the selected element is displayed in the textbox Mapping.

    The Context Upload variable accepts only string and list as parameters. When it is used in a process flow, then you need to specify the XPath value. If you select 'String' as the Data Type property, then the first XPath value is used.

  10. Click the Apply button. Value of the selected schema element is displayed in the textbox Variable Value (refer to Figure 610).
  11. Repeat step 8 to11 to map the context variable with other elements.
  12. Click OK button to return to the Error! Reference source not found. screen.

    To learn about Advanced Properties refer to Changing Advanced Properties section.

  13. Click the Save button.

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