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A database driver is used to specify the type of database and driver jar files that are required to connect to that database. Database jar files are drivers that are used to connect to database servers. There are specific jar files for a specific database server. These jar files are not provided with Adeptia Suite and are available with the database servers. Driver jar files can also be obtained from the following locations:

Oracle Server

SQL Server


Steps to create a database driver

  1. Go to Develop >Services > Connector > Database Driver.

  2. Click Create New.

  3. On the New Database Driver window, enter the name and description of the new database driver in the Name and Description text boxes.
  4. In the Upload Driver Jar File, browse to and upload the driver jar files for the database. 

  5. On the Upload Jar File window, browse to and select the jar file. The path of the selected jar file is displayed in the Browse File text box

    A list of required Jar files for different databases is in the following table.

    Database Servers

    Driver Jar Files


    For Oracle BLOB Data type:
    base.jar, oracle.jar and util.jar

    IBM DB2 (Ver 7.1) (7.1 version) 

    IBM DB2 (Ver 8.1)


    MS SQL

    msbase.jar, mssqlServer.jar and msutil.jar 

    JTDS-SQL Server




  6. Click Upload JAR. The file name is displayed under the heading File Names.
  7. Repeat steps 5 to 6 to upload additional jar files.

    If required, you can also unload the JAR files. To unload jar files, click Unload JAR.

  8. Click Finish to return to the Manage Database Driver screen. The uploaded jar file(s) is displayed in the Upload Driver Jar files field.


  9. Enter the main class name of the database in the Driver Main Class Name. Driver Main Class Name is a fully qualified Java class name for the main database driver class. The driver class name typically starts with a com., net. or org. followed by the company domain.

    For example, the JDBC driver class for is called com.mysql.jdbc.Driver. Click Get Driver Class to select the Database Driver Main Class Definition from the Select Class dropdown list.

    Click Submit. A list of Driver Main Class Name of different databases appears.

    Database Servers

    Driver Main Class Definition


    For Oracle BLOB Data type:

    IBM DB2 (Ver 7.1)

    IBM DB2 (Ver 8.1) 

    MS SQL

    JTDS-SQL Server




    MS Access


    MS Excel


  10. Click Save.
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