File Source activity is used to retrieve the data from a file stored on the computer where Adeptia Suite is running. 

To create a File Source activity:

  1. Go to Develop > Services > Source > File

  2. Click Create New.

  3. On the New File Source window, type the name and the description of the new File Source activity in the Name and Description.
  4. Type the path of the source file in the File Path.
  5. Type the name of the source file in the File Name.

  6. Expand Advanced Properties to set the advanced properties related to the activity. 

  7. Select Delete File on Success check box, if you want to delete the source file after it is used in the process flow execution. The activity will delete the source file once the process flow is executed successfully.

    For more information on Advanced Properties, refer to Changing Advanced Properties.
  8. Click Save.

    While creating File Source activity, you can also test it to ensure that the path and file name specified in this activity is correct or not by clicking Test.

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