JMS Source activity provides an ability to specify a message of a queue or topic of a JMS Server as a source. JMS provider is a messaging system that implements JMS interfaces and provides administrative and control features. JMS clients are the programs or components written in the Java programming language that produce and consume messages. 


JMS Provider activity must be created before creating JMS Source Activity.

Steps to create a JMS Source Activity

  1. Go to Develop > Services > Source > JMS


  2. Click Create New.

  3. Type the name and the description of the new JMS Source in the Name and Description text boxes respectively.
  4. Select the JMS Provider activity from the JMS Provider drop-down list box.

  5. Select the type of connection from the Connection Type drop-down list box. The available options are:
    • TOPIC
    • QUEUE
  6. Select Durable Subscriber check box, if the JMS Subscriber is durable. If a client needs to receive all the messages published on a topic, including the ones published while the subscriber is inactive, it uses a Durable Subscriber. This check box is enabled only if the connection type is TOPIC.
  7. Type the subscriber ID in the Subscriber ID text box .
  8. Type the name of queue or topic as configured in the JMS Server in the Queue Or Topic Name text box.

  9. Select the type of message, which you want to fetch, from the Message Type drop-down list box. You can select :
    1. Text
    2. Byte
    3. Both
  10. If you want to select a specific message from the JMS Server, type the message selector in the Message Selector text box.

    The message selector is used to specify the filter criterion to receive a message that you are interested in. The messages can be filtered based on only header references and properties references of the message. The message selector uses SQL92 query syntax to define the filter criteria. SQL92 is widely used to query the entire standard databases (Oracle, SQL Server). The only difference between database query and message selector query is that message selector uses only a part of the query after the where clause.

    The following message selector select messages with a message type of car, color blue, and weight greater than 2500 pounds:

    JMSType = 'car' AND color = 'blue' AND weight > 2500

    The following message selector selects message with the property Sport with value either Basketball or Football.
    Sport in ('Basketball','Football')

  11. Type the time in seconds in the Time Out text box. If any message is not received in this interval, process flow execution will be stopped. If the Time Out field is left blank, JMS Source activity checks for the specified message and if message is not available, process flow is aborted, without waiting for the message.
  12. Type the username and password (if required) to connect to JMS Server in the UserName and Password text boxes respectively. Then, re-enter the password in the Confirm Password text box.

    For information on Advanced Properties, refer to Changing Advanced Properties.

  13. Click Save.

    You can verify the JMS Source activity at design time. Click Test to verify the values in the JMS Provider, Connection Type and Queue/Topic Name fields.

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