In any business operation, it is required that a task can be assigned to all the users of a department. One way is to select all the users of the department one by one while assigning the task in the workflow. Another way is to make a group of users and assign the task to a group rather than assigning it to all the users. This group of users is called a Business Role. Task assigned to a Business Role is listed in the Task Manager of every user of the Business Role. Any one user of the Business Role can complete this task.
It should be noted that the Business Role is different from a User Group. The purpose of the User Group is to minimize the work of a user of Sys Admin or Group Admin type while giving access permissions on Adeptia Suite objects. On the other hand, the purpose of Business Role is to assign the task to a group of users.
In the Adeptia Suite, this feature is available in:







Steps to create a Business Role

  1. Click Administer tab and then click Setup menu. All the options of the Setup menu are displayed.
  2. Select Business Role option. The Manage Business Role screen is displayed (see Figure 1).

    Figure 1: Manage Business Role

  3. Click Create New button. The Create Business Role screen is displayed (see Figure 2).

    Figure 2: Create Business Role

  4. Enter the name and description of the Business Role in the Name and Description fields respectively.
  5. To select the users, press <CTRL> key and click users. The selected users are highlighted.
  6. Click Save button. This displays a screen confirming that the Business Role has been created successfully.


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