Creating a project allows to save all the objects in a specific project. By creating a project, you can perform various operations on the objects, described later in this guide. You can also set the project as your default project. By doing this, all the objects that you create, by default, will be added in this project. If you do not select the project as your default project, you can still add an object to a project by selecting the project while creating or editing the activity. This section explains how to create a project. 

Only System Admin or Group Admin user type can create a project. System Admin user can create a project for any group, whereas Group Admin user can create a project within a group only.

Steps to Create a Project

  1. Go to Develop Projects to view Projects page.


  2. Click Create New to create a new project.
  3. Type the name and description of the new project in the Name and Description text boxes respectively.
  4. From the Group drop-down list, select the group to which this new project belongs. For information on how to create a User Group, refer to Creating a User Group.
  5. Expand Advanced Properties to set the values of the advance properties related with the new project.
  6. Select the owner from the Owner drop-down list to assign the project to the user.

    The Owner drop-down list displays the name of the user who created this respective activity and the member users of this group.

  7. Click Save to save the project. 

The Project screen displays all the projects within Adeptia Suite, including the default project Default. If you don't want to add your object in any of the listed project then by default, Adeptia Suite will add that object to the Default project.

To view the list of activities within a project, click the respective project name.
A new project does not have any activity. Once you add activities to this project, you can use the Projects page to view the list of all activities under this project.
To learn more about the scope of the project, refer to Group Level Project Scope.

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