Adeptia Suite enables you to transfer data from any source location to any target location. In order to transfer any data, you need to first fetch the data. To perform the same, you need to create a Source activity. The Source activity enables you to specify the location, where the data is stored.
The Application Source activity enables you to retrieve data from the cloud applications for further transformation or processing. Through Adeptia Source Application activity, you may retrieve your invoice stored in a Dropbox application account, transform it, and send it to any supported location that you want.
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Steps to create a File Source Activity

  1. On the Adeptia Suite homepage, go to Develop > Services > Source and then click Application.

    The Manage Application Source screen is displayed (see Figure 37).

    Figure 37: Manage Application Source

  2. Click the Create New link. The New Application Source screen is displayed.
  3. Select the required type of cloud application from the dropdown list and then click the Next button (see Figure 38).

    Figure 38: New Application Source

  4. Enter the name and the description of the new Application Source in the textboxes Name and Description respectively (see Figure 39).

    Figure 39: New Application Source

  5. Click the Add Account button to include your application account in the dropdown list.
  6. Enter a name for your application account in the textbox. Your application account will appear in the list with this particular name.
  7. Click the Continue button (see Figure 40).

    Figure 40: Add Account

  8. Enter your credentials and click the Sign-in button (see Figure 41).

    Figure 41: Dropbox Login

  9. Click the Allow button to grant access of your account.

    Figure 42: Grant Access


    • You may use the same application account in multiple activities, however, adding your account is required only for the first time. Once you add it, the next time you can simply choose your account from the Application Account dropdown list, without entering your credentials or allowing access every time.

    • If you do not already have an application account, after clicking Continue button, you may click the Create an account link to register for the same (see Figure 41).

    • To edit or delete your existing Application Accounts, please refer the Managing Application Accounts section.

  10. You may click the Test button to verify a successful connection with your Application Account.

    This feature helps you to avoid the failure of this activity while executing the process flow. To test this activity, select an application account and click Test. If the Application Account specified in this activity exists, the test will be successful, otherwise it will give an error.

  11. Click the Browse button of the Folder field to choose the folder location within your application account from where you want to retrieve data (see Figure 43).

    Figure 43: Select Folder

  12. Click the Submit button.
  13. Enter the source file name in the File Name field.
  14. Click the Advance Properties to set the values of the advance properties related with Application Source Activity.
  15. Select the Delete File on Success checkbox, if you want to delete the source file after it is used in the process flow execution. This selection will delete the source file once the process flow is executed successfully during the process flow execution.

    To learn about Advanced Properties refer to Changing Advanced Properties section of the Developer Guide.

  16. Click the Save button. The Application source activity will be created and the dialog box will be closed.
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