When Adeptia Suite process flows are executed, process flow creates temporary files to store intermediate data called repository files. For each instance of the process flow execution, a unique repository folder is created that contains source, intermediate XML data files, and target formatted data. By default, repository files are stored in the ...<AdeptiaInstallFolder>/AdeptiaServer/ServerKernel/web/repository folder.

These files can cause disk space problem if they are accumulated over a long period of time. To ensure that Adeptia Suite runs without disk space issue, Adeptia Suite has Data Cleanup task that is scheduled to run at a specified time to clean repository files older than the specified number of days. This cleans unnecessary files from server hard disk.

By default, Data Cleanup is enabled and runs implicitly along with log cleanup. By default, the log cleanup is set to run automatically at 3:00 PM daily. However, at any point of time, you may choose to run the cleanup instantly/manually as well. In addition, you may also run the data cleanup explicitly (not along with the log cleanup) by setting the value of abpm.appmanagement.cleanupCronExpression property in the form of Cron Expression.

By default, the Data Cleanup deletes repository files older than five days. To change this time, you need to set the value of abpm.appmanagement.retainTime property.

Data Cleanup does not delete the repository of the process flows that are in running/waiting state. It means that if a process flow is in running/waiting state for more days as specified in the abpm.appmanagement.retainTime property, then Data Cleanup does not delete the repository files of this particular process flow.

For information on how to change Adeptia Suite Properties, refer to Updating System Properties.

For information on how to know the process of instant or manual cleanup, refer to Instant Logs & Data Cleanup.

For best practice, it is recommended to configure the following settings:

  • Inside the Adeptia Server, data and log cleanup should be enabled and properly configured. The retain time (number of days for which data and logs would be retained) shall be properly configured according to the requirement. Please note that data cleanup means cleaning of repository files only.
  • For data cleanup, the retain time (in days) is configured in the abpm.appmanagement.retainTime property at Administer > Setup > Application SettingsUpdate System Properties > Maintenance > Data Cleanup Properties.
  • For log cleanup, the retain time (in days) for different tables can be configured in the ...<AdeptiaInstallFolder>/ServerKernel/etc/log-cleanup.properties file. The default value for retain time (in days) is 5.

    For information on log cleanup, click here
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