You may want to delete a project from Adeptia Suite after you have achieved your objective. You can only delete a project if:

  • You are an Administrator or System Admin user.
  • You are owner of the Project to be deleted.
  • Project has no activities. Delete the activities of a project before deleting it. You must ensure that activities have no dependencies on other projects; else you need to move those activities to the relevant project. If you have not moved the activities with dependencies to another project, you will be automatically directed to the Move Activity page where you are required to select another project. 

Steps to Delete a Project

  1. Login as an Administrator or System Admin user.
  2. Go to Develop > Projects to view the list of existing projects.
  3. Select the project you want to delete.

    Delete is enabled only after you select a project.

  4. Click Delete. A dialog box appears prompting you to confirm the deletion. 

  5. Click Yes to delete the project. If the project you want to delete has activities with dependencies on other projects, you will see Move Activity page

To know about the scope of the project, refer to Group Level Project Scope.

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