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This sample Process Flow can be outlined as below:

Figure 86: Flow Chart to show Process Flow

File Source (EvalPD_FileSource)

File Source activity is used to specify a file, which is stored in local drive, as source. File Source picks up the specified file and passes it to the other activity. In this Process Flow, a text file containing purchase order is specified as source. 


Context Target

Context Target is used to put the data of the text file into the context of the Process Flow. From the context of the Process Flow, decision node picks up the amount and decides whether to send the data to Manager or to the Director. 


Context Source

Context Source is used to take the data from the context of the Process Flow and to send it to the decision node. 



Repeater node is used to send the same stream to more than one activity. In this Process Flow repeater node is used to send stream, coming from Context Source, to the File Target activity and Mail Targets.

Context Target, Context Source and Repeater Node are Process Designer features and you do not need to create any such activities.

File Target (EvalPD_FileTarget)

File Target is used to specify target Text file name with full path, where the target Text file is to be saved. In this Process Flow, file target is used to save a copy of the purchase order in the specified location for future use.

Mail Targets (EvalPD_MailTargetLessThan50k & EvalPD_MailTargetGreaterThan50k)

Mail Target is used to send the data to the specified email address. In this Process Flow two Mail Targets are used to send purchase order to either the manager or the director, for approval, depending upon value of purchase amount.

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