This guide provides a detailed description of all the activities and services of Adeptia Suite. Though all the features are available to all users but these are primarily performed by a developer. Developers can use this guide to seamlessly design their process flows using Adeptia Suite.

Following are the major sections of this guide:


Working with Projects

Learn how to create and manage projects.

Designing Web Forms

Learn how to create and activate Web Forms.

Designing Human Workflow Task

Introduction to Human Workflow Task.

Working With Process Flow 

Introduces Process Flow concept.

Creating Data Dictionary

Introduces Data Dictionary concept.

Creating Source Activity

Learn how to create different types of source activities available in Adeptia Suite.

Creating Schema Activity

Introduces Schema concept and its working. Instructions to create different types of schema available in Adeptia Suite to parse the data files are also provided.

Creating Target Activity

Learn how to create different types of target activities available in Adeptia Suite.

Enabling Cache in Adeptia SuiteSteps to enable JDO caching and setting cache parameters.

Using Web Services

Introduction of SOAP and RESTful Web Services.

Creating Keystore and TruststoreLearn how to create Keystore and Truststore. Instructions to import and export certificate in Keystore and Truststore are also provided.

Transforming Data

Learn how to transform data using Data Mapper and Record to Record Service.

Creating Extensions

Learn how to create Custom Plugin Activity and Native Call Activity.

Creating Polling Service Activity

Performing the 'listen' action at a frequency specified while creating various types of Polling Services

Creating Database Connector

Learn how to create Database Driver, Database Info, and JMS Provider.

Creating Miscellaneous Activities

Learn how to create Context Download, Context Upload, Stored Procedure, and Mail Notification.

Using Encryption and DecryptionIntroduction of Key Manager and Data Security.

Using Reports and Dashboards

Creating a Dashboard Component, Designing Dashboard, Executing Dashboard, and Creating a Custom Report.

Managing Activities

Searching an Activity, Viewing Properties of an Activity, Editing and Deleting an Activity, Viewing Revision History and Dependent Activities, and Changing Advanced Properties of an Activity.

Using Version Control

Maintaining versions of objects.

Creating Events and Triggers

Scheduling and triggering a process flow by creating various types of Trigger Events.


Enabling Implicit Recovery, Using Checkpoints, and Using Human Workflow activity.

RerunRunning and enabling Rerun.
Configuring Character Set EncodingSetting and configuring character set encoding at different levels.
Using Data InterfaceIntroduction to Data Interface and how to create Data Interface.

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